New Name, New Home

Welcome back to Fall semester! KSCR has a new home in the Ronald Tutor Campus center and a new name: KXSC!

While we hadn't planned on changing our name (we did so as a result of a duplication with a commercial station), we are stoked to be representing USC with new call letters, a new venue (Tommy's Place) and a brand new home complete with schmancy new equipment.

So what can you expect from us this year? We will continue to provide the quality programming and events that you expect as well as ticket giveaways to yr favorite shows, live on-air interviews + weekly free shows courtesy of The Live Show, the much anticipated KXSC Fest and much more!

Oh look, here's our Facebook fanpage and Twitter. Are you following us yet? Are you? Arrrrr yoooh?

If yr feeling overwhelmed by all this change right now, let these pictures from our Grand Opening calm yr soul (and peep the full album on our FB here):

*Photos by Heather D’Augustine

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