Gibson Guitar Giveaway + Cyrus

Make Music Pasadena & KSCR's Gibson Giveaway! + Make Music Pasadena & KSCR's Gibson Giveaway!

=Make Music Pasadena & KSCR's Gibson Giveaway!

KSCR + Make Music Pasadena is giving away a Gibson guitar this Friday, June 18th, on KSCR's radio show, Stereotype!

To win the Gibson guitar:
1. Winner will be the 7th caller after you hear Matt&Kim's "YEA YEAH"
Call 213 740 KSCR. AIM = KSCRLive.
2. Must be able to attend Make Music Pasadena on June 19 to pick up guitar, valued at $500.

More details about the giveaway may be found here



Also, if that wasn't enough free stuff, KSCR will soon have shirts + stickers from Fox Searchlight's new movie, Cyrus, starring John Reilly and Jonah Hill. Stay tuned, folks! Trailer for the movie:
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