Time for the Summer SHOWdown!

Regardless of whether you're bogged down with internships and extracurriculars or simply just enjoying the Los Angeles sun (...or lack there of. Thanks June gloom) , summer is the perfect opportunity to catch some of your favorite artists on tour! Here is a listing of some KSCR approved shows you definitely should not miss!

June 15th: This summer, the Echo is hosting a series of mini music fests beginning with the WOODSIST FEST! Real Estate, Woods, Kurt Vile, Abe Vigoda, Nodzz, + many others will be performing! More info may be found here: http://bit.ly/bY4p1X. Stay tuned for a ticket giveaway from KSCR!

June 18th: KSCR + Dangerbird Records presents Division Day. A FREE in-store performance at Origami Vinyl from 7-8pm. (Details: http://www.facebook.com/KSCRradio?ref=ts#!/event.php?eid=122285361137993&ref=ts). This is only the first installment of KSCR sponsored shows!

June 19th: Pasadena's very own Make Music Pasadena. Another free event featuring the likes of Matt&Kim, Natalia Fourcade, Warpaint, Voxhaul Broadcast, The Antlers, Breakestra, Jessica Fichot, Monte Negro, + many more! That equates to 500 musicians, 50+ concerts, and 12 hours of music for the price of FREE.99! The event is from 11am to 11pm. Visit www.makemusicpasadena.com for more details.

All of the shows listed are either free or has the possibility of being free (if you win tickets through KSCR)! Aside from that though, KSCR periodically gives away free tickets to various shows around L.A. In order to win these, you can (and should) follow KSCR on twitter (@KSCR), find us and "like" us on fbook, or listen to the various radio shows during summer programming. Some upcoming ticket giveaways include: Jamie Lidell, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Rooney, New Pornographers, Blitzen Trapper, Grupo Fantasma, Gogol Bordello, Hootenanny 2010 feat Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, + many others!

Hope to see you cool cats at any of these fine events!
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