Get Him (& Yourself) to the Greek!

Get Him To The Greek

Scene: Summer has begun, you're sitting at home browsing the computer, there's a distant hum that sounds like KSCR streaming online. In front of you is a Get Him To The Greek movie trailer. To your left is your instrument of choice. Suddenly, your favorite song appears and immediately, you're inspired to make some music, but alas, you are torn b/c you really want to book tickets to see "Get Him To The Greek" on June 4. Well, my friend, today is your lucky day b/c you can do both SIMULTANEOUSLY (...kind of)!

Universal Pictures is hosting a cover song contest w/ Get Him To The Greek red carpet premiere tix as the prize! Details may be found here

Get Him To The Greek comes out on June 4th and stars Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, + more! Trailer may be viewed here:
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