KSCR - Live From Miami - Winter Music Conference 2010

One week of the year, music lovers from all over the world descend upon Miami for the largest music industry gathering of its kind, the Winter Music Conference. Frequented by those in the dance & electronic community, the WMC is host to a myriad of artists, DJs, record label representatives (A&R), producers, promoters, radio and media professionals.

Beyond the conference, surrounding Miami is home to an array of events across the city, including the Ultra Music Festival. Whether you’re sitting down for some authentic Cuban food, or enjoying a nice cohiba poolside, it’s nearly impossible this week to avoid the infectious sound that is the house beat.

KSCR’s own DJ Ahmar aka VFN recently returned from “The Magic City” with a grab bag of promos and new music.

Click Here to view the photos through our friends at Club Soda. Photos taken the weekend of March 26th at the Winter Music Conference, as well as Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida.

Big thanks to Paradax RecordsBeatportRVNG IntlThe Opium GroupX-MiX Productions and countless others that make Miami as legendary as its reputation has earned.

The View From Nowhere” airs Tuesday nights from 10PM to Midnight, right here on KSCR.

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