A couple weeks ago I had a post on albums, in the spirit of continuity look at these cool album related things:

The New Jersey based band, Titus Andronicus has a new CD out. But not just any CD, The Monitor is a concept album based loosely on the civil war, “about how the conflicts that led our nation into that great calamity remain unresolved, and the effect that this ongoing division has on our personal relationships and our behavior.” Featuring vivid lyrics and powerful guitars. It’s a cool album and a cool concept. How many bands are doing concept albums of historical warfare? Not many, by my count.

I finally purchased Beach House’s album, Teen Dream last week after only having the download on my computer since its release. While examining the physical product I saw that Beach House included not only an audio CD, but also a DVD to accompany it. The DVD has a visual representation of each song, each video is directed by a different director. That’s cool!

Lastly, the Gorillaz new album is good. Plastic Beach has the same theme as Avatar (just without the 3D), Plastic Beach brings up concerns about how we’re treating our planet. The difference: the songs on Plastic Beach have video companions that feature good acting! Bruce Willis makes a…cameo as the ultimate badass in their newest video for the song “Stlyo.” Which promises to not be the last video for Plastic Beach. The ending shows the main characters going into the ocean, the next song on the album is “SuperFast Jellyfish,” so I’m going to guess that the story that began in “Stylo” will receive a conclusion.

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