Popping my blogging cherry.

Hello All,

Here I am, just like the real “popping the cherry,” about to begin my blogging journey, I’m apprehensive, nervous, but super excited to tell my friends about it after. What do I write about? Am I ready? Do I have any moves?

It seemed appropriate that I would pop this metaphoric cherry, talking about bands that like to write about their own sexual promiscuity. This year’s Post-Nothing, Los Campesinos’, Romance is Boring is brash, loud, and sings/yells about the joys of being young and immature. Los Campesinos’ third studio full-length comes out of the gate slow with “In Media Res, complaining about being unable to drive due to their drunken state and a lust waiting to be investigated. The album wastes no time after this, exploding with riffs, lyrics exploring sexuality and leaving romance behind. The album will speak to every young college student, how many times do you go out looking to fall in love? I think not, usually a more temporary lust. Los Campesinos prove to produce another fun album with Romance is Boring filled with lines like, “Feels like the build-up takes forever, but you never touch my cock.” Growing more serious as the album progresses, the standout is “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future,” that features a haunting bass line and an incredible strings arrangement and the most sentimental lyrics you’ll find on the album. Besides the latter song’s somber lyrics, this album is perfect for reveling in our youthful state, so I hope that if you’re not already enjoying Romance is Boring, that you’ll give it a shot.

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On a side-note:

-We should all be proud to be an American today; silver medal versus Canada is nothing to scoff at.

-Explaining my username: My last name is “Wolf,” also, homage to my favorite band, Radiohead.

-Hope you enjoyed the first “ride,” more to come soon.

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