Death- Symbolic


I'm trying my best to keep the blog musically diverse... so here we have one of the finest technical death metal albums ever, by a band that is unsurprisingly named Death.  I'm not even a big death metal fan, but this is a sweet album (actually pretty much everything released by Death is awesome).  This album, along with Human and Individual Thought Patterns, really helped established thinking man's metal.  While both of those are great records, the thing about Symbolic is that it's actually catchier.  Human and Individual Thought Patterns have alot of awesome jazzy riffs and complex song structures and whatnot, but let's face it, as great as some of those tracks are, they just aren't as catchy as say, "Crystal Mountain."  You guys decide:

Crystal Mountain

Without Judgement

Pretty good?  Hopefully you dig it, even if you aren't a fan of the genre.  Buy it anyways

And... the disclaimer: this is for promotional use only.  If the band does not wish for their material to be posted please let us know at so we can take it down.
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