Anti-Listenable Consortium

Antipop Consortium

Antipop Consortium

Fluorescent Black

Reviewed by Soundwave

“Antipop Consortium returns, 7 years later.” When were they ever here? Who are these guys? Why do they feel that they have that big of a following? “Widely regarded as cutting-edge innovators to a broad spectrum of listeners.” To say they are innovative is only half of the story – tone deaf would be the other. Each song of their newest LP Fluorescent Black is filled with nonsensical, unobjective rhymes, heinously off key beats, and an undeserved bravado, which characterizes most independent rap groups of the modern hip-hop age.

Relying on basic VST’s and basic drum kits, they seem to find a way to make almost every track unlistenable. The first track alone makes you want to snap the cd into little pieces to make sure that human ears will never be able to susceptible to its piercing frequency. Don’t get me wrong, I gave them several chances, all the way to track 11, but the rest of the album does not produce one song that is remotely radio worthy. Mediocre highlights include “New Jack Exterminator” a reminiscent boom-bap that almost made me have hope. “Reflections” is the only track I could tolerate, but the rhymes don’t make any sense. Even the title track “Fluorescent Black” has no deeper meaning. It seems that these guys took all the ideas of Little Brother, beats and synths from the UK and ended up failing special ed class. How did they even get this far?
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