Dynamite Walls: Rising to the top...

Hailing from San Diego, the fresh sound of this up-and-coming band, which resembles a blend of Kings of Leon and Cold War Kids, is sure to explode through your speakers and light a spark that's impossible to put out. “You Ain’t That Special,” deadpans vocalist Tom Pritchard, in the bittersweet original track of the same name by his band, Dynamite Walls. It’s an accusatory sentiment that encapsulates the swagger and candor of a band that clearly is special. Pritchard and his cohorts specialize in smart, insinuating tunes that capture both the hopes and disillusionment of contemporary American life. Indeed, in an age of sledgehammer rhythms and infantile lyrics, Dynamite Walls’ original songs are so triumphantly nuanced, they restore one’s faith in intelligent pop-rock song craft. They played the Give Some Love Showcase at SXSW this year with Bedouin SoundClash and After Midnight Project.

Check them out at their myspace: www.myspace.com/dynamitewalls

This is one musical explosion you don't want to miss!

Featured on Luxury Wafers Live Sessions blog:

Dynamite Walls - Mystery - Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.
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