Electro for your studies or the sunshine...

Cultura de Radio

Spinning balearic house tracks 24/7 from the island's pristine beaches, Ibiza Sonica Radio is the best chillout electro I've found on the net. Andy Wilson, founder of Sonica, moved to Ibiza ten years ago with the intention of starting a radio station after falling in love with the island's open air clubs in the late eightees. The DJs broadcast from various outdoor locations around the spanish isle with views of the countryside and pristine beaches. Ibiza Sonica's self proclaimed goal is the diversification and freedom of electronic music and, at its heart, "keeping the flavor of Ibiza alive."

Groove out to the airy island inspired vibes while cramming that paper in leavey at 4:00 am... and for those of you 3G iphone lovers out there, my favorite free app is the live streaming "Ibiza Sonica 1.1"

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