CMJ 09: Day Two Panels

I know, I know, we skipped Day One.  It was crazy and hectic, and we'll save those stories for another time!  Right now, we gotta talk about Tag Zwei!

Wednesday 10/21/2009

1:38 am - Karl and Jace startle their 50-year old foreign hostel-roommate by returning from Day One's events in the wee hours.  He speaks briefly in his native tongue, laughs, and falls back asleep.

9:19 am - Karl tells Jace to wake up because complimentary breakfast ends at 10.  Jace makes it with only seconds to spare.  Karl sleeps through breakfast.

After 10, we actually started doing CMJ stuff.  Those two lightly comical anecdotes featured time-sensative plotlines, but now we'll just do a summary.

KSCR Staff attended some decent panels today.  Jace learned a little bit about live performances and college campuses.  And how KSCR is actually pretty legit on this front.  Apparently, Stonybrook is not so great when it comes to the things...with the live...and the shows.

Ali and Jace got to see a panel on exactly what the "youth of America" think about the major v. indie label dispute.  Apparently, we LOVE major labels, but wanna be careful not to sell out.  Which is okay because selling out and selling your soul are not(?) mutually exclusive.  Those kids were pretentious.  Or maybe I am.  Someone was pretentious in that situation.

Emilie attended the creme de la creme of today's panels:  Andrew WK speaking off the cuff about random topics.   I spoke with her afterwords, and she seemed unimpressed.  I didn't see it but want to make a pun about his old stuff being better.  Can't make a connection, though.

Karl may have slept through the entire day.  He's still beating John Scott, however, who has yet to arrive.  Pssh.  John Scott.  That guy thinks he's hot shit.

Looks like we've got some good panels tomorrow, and to tell you the truth, there were more informative ones today, but I just wanted to try and make the Andrew WK joke.  Next time, I guess.

Check us out tomorrow and we'll let you know how KSCR Staff Member Maura Klosterman's panel goes!

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