The Ultimate L.A. Fusion Food: Korean BBQ and Tacos

KOREAN BBQ TACOS. My mouth salivated when I heard about them. My mouth was salivating while I was eating them. My mouth is salivating right now thinking about them. The hybridization of L.A. cultures is now complete, as evidenced by this fusion of fomerly unacquainted, yet quintessentially Angeleno foods (I can't believe you guys haven't met yet!). Kogi takes its mission for fusion seriously, offering not only the delicious BBQ with a light refreshing salsa, but other specials like a kimchi quesadilla and Korean horchata (Korchata). While gourmet on-the-go is not typical for taco trucks, Kogi has executed the idea with resounding success.

Tacos and beverages are $2 a pop. Burritos and specials are around $5. Expect a bit of a line, and prepare to eat on the curb. I recommend 3 tacos for a hungry person, and 4 tacos if you have to wait more than twenty minutes. The burritos are a bit heavy for me (scrambled egg, hash browns, and tofu! yeow!), but for a hungry man it may be the cure for what ails you

You'll be served by ultra-friendly people at a random street corner. The young entrepreneurs utilize mediums like Flickr and Twitter, so you'll know exactly where the traveling truck will be. A rough schedule is posted on their website. Contrary to what you might think appropriate, the truck does not remain parked at Wilshire and Alvarado (heh). Venice seems to be their main location, but I have caught them twice in Little Tokyo.

For a Korean girl who has ousted meat, the tofu tacos may be a saving grace. Thank you, Kogi.
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