Parliament Funkadelic and Sly Mother F***ing Stone

(Photo via pfunkjazz)

Club Nokia really lived up to its name tonight, bringing the dance party in with Greyboy All Stars, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, and a guest appearance by Sly Stone (affectionately introduced as Sly Mother F**king Stone). I'm not talking about a bit of toe-tapping or hip swaying; I'm talking about couples freak dancing, middle-aged men in suits harlem shaking, and synchronized fist pumping more brutal than what goes on at a Metallica concert.

If there is any question after seeing the photo above, let me make it clear: George Clinton has still got it. There were at least a dozen people on stage including some original Funkadelic members -- my favorite being this gentleman. Sure, there were some technical difficulties (probably due to the massive wattage required by all the people on stage), but the crowd was compensated with a fascinating improvisational number including an extended version of "Get Off Your Ass and Jam" and Lil Jon's "Get Low". I could not tell who was having more fun: us or them. In either case, the energy was infectious. Sly Stone came out, recited a poem and everyone went wild with a collaborative performance of "Thank You".

There were plenty of different people to please that night. One older fan asked me, "What do YOU know about George Clinton? What do YOU know about P-Funk?" ...and admittedly, I was not even born when he was in his prime. But I looked around me at all the faces in the crowd - young, old, ethnic, white, female, male, suited, literally blue collar - and everyone seemed to be having a great time. If you weren't there, then no worries. G.C. and the P.F. have plans to release new material in 2009 and most likely will bring the party back.

(I should also mention the opener Greyboy All Stars. The San Diego six-piece was very reminiscent of The Meters, playing fresh bluesy funk. If you think you grew up in the wrong era and want to hear something more than a cover band, I would highly recommend them.)
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