January Shows in L.A.

Winter is still in full swing, and east coast musicians are being drawn in by Los Angeles' (literal and figurative) warmth. A few days in January will undoubtedly inspire conflict:

  • January 20 - Crystal Antlers at the Smell OR The Walkmen and Beach House at the Henry Fonda

  • January 22 - Chromeo at the Key Club OR High Places at the Echo

  • January 23 - Jay Reatard at the Echoplex OR Animal Collective at the Henry Fonda?

I have highlighted my choices, although it should be noted I would much rather see AC at the Troubadour, and catch Jay Reatard on the 23rd. ...And were in not for already seeing Crystal Antlers twice, the 20th would have undoubtedly been a difficult call. Worry you not if you should miss a great show; Coachella is coming up...
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