Kenny Loggins Trusts the Sh*t Out of His Son

At first glance, MTV's celebrity-offspring singing competition Rock the Cradle doesn't seem like much more than a third-rate American Idol knock off. The dueling karaoke numbers of these celebrities-by-default isn't helped much by the ludicrous over-hosting, the asinine judging panel, and the contestants' syrupy vows that they have what it takes to "make it" on their own (except, you know, for being the child of someone famous and getting on the show in the first place).

This glorious train wreck of a television show does have one saving grace--the parents. Some of them have a bizarre synergistic relationship with their kids, as if it's another way to extend mom or dad's fame just a bit longer. Witness: the Dee and Jesse "Blaze" Snider tag team...

Many of the parents appear at the live show taping to appraise their progeny's talents after they have been harshly judged by a blue-ribbon panel that includes Avril Lavigne's choreographer and the lead singer of the Go-Gos. And nearly all of them star in completely natural and fluid staged video packages, dispensing essential rock-star parental advice with varying degrees of verisimilitude.

But at least everyone seems to genuinely care about each other amidst the wackiest jet set talent show ever conceived. It's nice to see Bobby Brown on TV again outside the context of an E! True Hollywood Story. Particularly sympathetic is Crosby "Son of Kenny" Loggins, who possesses a disarming humility (on silver spoons: "I used to get a lot of crap for what my dad did. I didn't care. 'Danger Zone' put food on my table.") that is incredibly out of place in RtC's world of whiz-bang presentation and contrived verbal sparring. Surely MTV knows this too and has prescribed some of the least convincing cockiness and the most unexpected bleep in TV history to give the family Loggins more "edge":

Soft rockers don't swear! But at least they're setting a better example than Lil B. Sure! (son of obscure R&B veteran Al B. Sure!):

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