KSCR Presents: The Dodos, Thee Oh Sees, Goodbye Gadget, and Clue Junior

On March 7, KSCR was pleased to present our second concert this semester at Ground Zero Performance Cafe featuring The Dodos, Thee Oh Sees, Goodbye Gadget, and Clue Junior.

(Photo by: Charles Mallison)

The night began with the eclectic sounds and an unpredictable set from Clue Junior. The on-campus band quickly and quietly played hot potato with their instruments between songs and delighted the audience with their unpredictability.

(Photo by: Goodbye Gadget)

Goodbye Gadget brought a more lighthearted set delivering female-fronted pop punk complete with keyboards. The band stopped in-studio earlier in the day.

(Photo by: Jeffrey Long)

Later in the night, Thee Oh Sees upped the intimacy of the show, opting to play on the floor and choosing to leave the lights on (wink). They brought distortion, jokes, and energy. The lead singer John Dwyer harmonized with Brigid Dawson, who also brought the occasional tamborine. The band combined psychadelic, experimental sounds with folk-inspired vocals to produce a captivating performance.

(Photo by: Ross Stephenson)

(Photo by: Charles Mallison)

Finally, Meric Long and Logan Kroeber took the stage. Seeing The Dodos live is mesmerizing. As expected, the more detectable intricacies of sound and timing made the live experience phenomenal, but I was particularly blown away by the accompanying visual experience. Throughout the night we saw high levels of energy from all of the bands, but The Dodos had the unique ability to simultaneously convey sensitivity and serenity along with movement-inducing liveliness (which helps to explain the sitters and the standers all havin' good times).
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