Sunset Strip meets skid row

The Stay hotel, newly carved out of the Cecil Hotel on Main Street between 6th and 7th, advertises using model-actors who are paid to hang out in glass-walled rooms. The 20-somethings stand in stark contrast to the rest of the area, well known for its low-income residents.

In fact The Cecil Hotel has served low-income residents for years, and advocates for the poor worry about where they will go if the neighborhood morphs into another glitzy, expensive tourist trap.

Advocates say they find it frustrating to see businesses once again catering to young, chic tourists rather than helping the down-and-out residents. But the man who created and runs the Stay, William Lanting, says the Stay will help create a "new neighborhood" he hopes will be more vibrant.

Either way, the Stay offers rooms for under $100 a night, shared room and bunk bed options, and even an Xbox game area. So for those of you who have always wanted to visit a poor neighborhood, but  just couldn't find suitable accommodations, the Stay's got you covered.
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