Psych For The Weekend

Paavoharju - Laulu laakson kukista

I forgot to include this in my top whatever albums of 2008, but it deserves to be somewhere in my top 3 for the year. This album is perhaps the most mysteriously beautiful thing I have heard in a while. It starts off like a lullaby and progresses with each song. A woman's eerie vocals can be heard by the second song, followed by a man singing a soft folk tune. The next few songs begin to sound like a strange and highly experimental Cocorosie, some building from a delicate piano to a creepy pyschedelic organ accompanied by dark vocals. Keep in mind this album is entirely in Finnish and the band is apparently Christian. I did not know this or anything about them upon purchasing the album, I simply liked the cover. I mean, look at it:

This album is weird, I will admit, but when searching for music I tend to stay away from painfully experimental music that I sometimes consider trash; this I might consider the strangest masterpiece I have heard in a while. The subtle piano, violins, and finnish humming/singing intertwined with the right amount of static, beats, and strange samples makes this album tastefully haunting. 

Buy it here.
Here's a video.
Listen to more here.
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