Nothing's More Rock'n'Roll Than Bond

James Bond is back and badder than ever. I could go on about the movie, but I have no doubt it will be reviewed out the yin yang by Sunday—what’s really cool is this Bond’s theme song. A collaboration between Jack White and Alicia Keys, “Another Way To Die” rocks. It might just be the song that finally earns the Bond franchise (marked by its swinging theme songs) a long awaited Oscar award. Originally, Amy Winehouse was supposed to record the track, in the style of an old school Bond chanteuse; but I think Alicia Keys vocals were a perfect surprise. And the mini music video playing under the opening credits was perfect for it, too. A super retro ‘70s look, with giant undulating sand women and Daniel Craig walking around. It looked as if it were real film, and had an overall grainy quality, which visually matched the sound of the song. I’d shell the 8 bucks just to see that again.

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