It's been about two years since KSCR released an actual magazine.  This however, is all about to change.  Everyone, mark your calendars!  Coming December 8th to USC campus and local Los Angeles venues is BANDWIDTH MAGAZINE, the fruition of several months of hard labor, intellectual pursuits, heavy music listening, and way too much procrastination.  And this time we're even publishing parts of it in fucking color!  Excited?  You should be.  Here's what to look forward to:

The Best of Music, Movies, and Pop Culture, of 2008

CMJ Coverage

Everything Hip In LA

KSCR Concerts

A Witty and Humorous Back Cover

And More!

So if you'd like to own a priceless art work, than BANDWIDTH MAGAZINE is your calling.  It'll feature all of the above plus wonderful pictures and other oddities, and it really is priceless, because it's fucking free!  So be sure to pick one up on campus or at your local music venue on December 8th!

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