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People Under The Stairs (myspace)

 The legendary Los Angeles based hip hop group People Under The Stairs put out a new album titled FUN D.M.C. and it is BUMPING with flavor. These dudes have been making beats and spitting verse since 1998, with 4 albums under their belts... my favorite of which is Stepfather.... they rock the underground hip hop scene with their jazzy funky beats. Their verse is witty and their production is excellent, every song gives off a sense of indulgence, makes you wanna take a dip in a pool. With such soulful samples complementing topics of bbq's, food joints, and chill kickbacks, how can you not indulge? 

And if you enjoy their music, you will love their live shows. I just saw them in Long Beach at the ever so intimate but crowded Fingerprints record store. There, they showcased a few new songs off the album and went on to take requests from the crowd. A few loyal fans had driven all the way from afar and already knew every word to every song on the new album. The crowd got so involved and People Under The Stairs returned the favor by providing one of the better hip hop performances I have seen in my lifetime.

Anyway all their albums are 10 bucks so I would buy one... they're also playing at Fat Beats on Melrose this saturday at 5pm. Its free! You wont be disapointed.
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