Grrr...izzly Bear!

So this week has been a busy one.  I started my new job, had a midterm and needed to schedule a dentist appointment for my wisdom teeth to be removed, so its needless to say I haven't had much time to blog.  However I have had some time to check out some good new music.  My friend introduced to a song called "Knife" by the Brooklyn band "Grizzly Bear" and I have to say it is a song to behold.  Very ethereal and moody complete with haunting moans and crisp soft guitar in the background.  It sounds kinda like Radiohead "Kid A" but a little more poppy.  Heres the video for the song which has an extra dose of creepiness to it, which makes it even cooler. Enjoy.


p.s. Don't set your toaster oven to "dark" to make pop tarts.
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