A Millie (Obama Style)...and Some Sweet Reggae

So, I know everyone is really excited to know that there is yet another remix of Lil Wayne's "A Millie" floating around, to complement the 10-millie-on other ones out there. Well, there is. It's Obama style, and it's made by A.P.T. Hopefully Bangladesh won't be too offended...

Here it is, check it out:

Okay, so I won't blame you if you didn't listen to anything past the first 10 seconds, but you've gotta admit that was pretty funny.

Now this one here is a little bit older, but it's actually one you might listen to a lot more times (I have). Vote for whoever you want, but this tune sure is catchy!

Coco Tea - Barack Obama:

To be fair, I did check around to see if there were any McCain songs. If you're interested, check out Jordan Rich's "Raisin' McCain."
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