KSCR Top 30 for 09/29-10/5

Here's your weekly update of the chart KSCR submitted to CMJ for our most played music:

1COLD WAR KIDSLoyalty To LoyaltyDowntown
2JENNY LEWISAcid TongueWarner Bros.
4FUJIYA AND MIYAGILightbulbsDeaf Dumb And Blind
5OKKERVIL RIVERThe Stand InsJagjaguwar
6RA RA RIOTThe Rhumb LineBarsuk
7SPINTO BANDMoonwinkPark The Van
8HARD PLACEGet Your Hopes UpWorld Famous In San Francisco
10NOAH AND THE WHALEPeaceful, The World Lays Me DownCherry Tree-Interscope

11DEERHOOFOffend MaggieKill Rock Stars
12LAND OF TALKSome Are LakesSaddle Creek
14MOGWAIThe Hawk Is HowlingMatador
15TV ON THE RADIODear ScienceTouch And Go-Interscope
16CONOR OBERSTConor OberstMerge
17PINK SPIDERSSweat It OutMean Buzz
18I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIREYou Can't Spell Slaughter Without LaughterEpitaph
19ETTESLook At Life Again SoonTake Root
20POLYSICSWe Ate The MachineMySpace
21EMILIANA TORRINIMe And ArminiRough Trade
22ABE VIGODASkeletonPostPresent Medium
23ROY HARGROVEEar FoodGroovin' High-Emarcy
24HIGH PLACESHigh PlacesThrill Jockey
25LYKKE LIYouth NovelsLL
26HERMAN DUNENext Year In ZionEverloving
27XX TEENSWelcome To Goon IslandMute
28BRIAN WILSONThat Lucky Old SunCapitol
29ONE FOR THE TEAMBuild It UpMilitia Group
30CRYSTAL ANTLERSCrystal Antlers [EP]Touch And Go
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