Poor Boy Blues

Looking for things to do this weekend that wont hurt you financially (as most events in LA tend to do)?

This Saturday from 1 - 4pm, The Flock Shop, a cute little store in Chinatown specializing in graphic t shirts, jewelry, art, and funky clothing, is hosting an art show for local artist/illustrator Patrick Hruby. There will be complementary drinks and most likely a sale since they are re-opening their store. Here is the location ...it's in the same courtyard as the Grand Star Jazz Club.

The Flock Shop is also located directly underneath Ooga Booga, a great place to find records by local bands (such as the ones playing at the Eagle Rock Music Festival) as well as amazing compilations of African/South American music. Not to mention, they have a huge selection or art zines, books, and clothing. Although the highlight of the store for me is these $10 cassette mixtapes ranging from french chanson to old school hip hop to funk to new wave hits that you have never heard before. 

Also this Saturday, all of Eagle Rock (rather, Colorado blvd) will be glowing and vibing to a music festival from 5pm till midnight. Its free and over 60 artists will be performing- among them are Abe Vigoda, Earlimart, Crystal Antlers, Mika Miko, Pizza!, The Parson Red Heads, One Trick Pony, etc. more info.

On Sunday night, the hilarious hip hop group hailing from Southern California, Sparrow Love Crew, will be playing at Cinespace in Hollywood with The Nights (they are great) and The Yelling. The show is 21+ but admission as well as vodka will be free between 9:30-10:30.

Not everything in life is free but these events are and they are a nice way to support local artists. Not to mention great surprises lie ahead for those who haven't explored these particular areas of town. 
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