I'm Trying To Help

Okay so this is a year old but as I write this I am laughing hysterically at something I just discovered last night. So last year, underground rapper Aesop Rock had his own cable access show on mtv.com called "I'm Trying to Help," in which he and some friends (producer Blockhead & rapper Rob Sonic) hosted a talk show featuring Irish dancing, a monkey trainer, live performances, and advice on love.

One could compare these episodes to The Tim & Eric Awesome Show except these guys seem like they're serious about what they're doing, which makes it all the more hilarious. The awkwardness is not forced, it just exists due to circumstance and also to the fact that it's a cable access show. Plus, the punch lines are fantastic ("I'm not a player but I do blog a lot") and at one point this Russian guy calls them saying that he has information from the KGB that "salt and pepper, they may be here, and in effect and may want you to push it. Is this correct?"  Amazing.

With that, I leave you with the whole show in hopes that you may find it as hilarious as I did.
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