The Manifesto

Welcome . . .

. . . to the '08 - '09 Season of BANDWIDTH.

It is our goal to provide our readers with the best in alternative content and coverage.

We focus on music, Los Angeles, art, entertainment, news, culture, subcultures, countercultures, utopias, neophilia, viral videos, music videos, pancakes, politics, crepes, fashion, love, death, Natalie Portman, hope, nihilism, local bands, foreign bands, bands that may or may not actually qualify as bands, photography, philosophy, concerts, lions, tigers, bears, dragons, albums, movies, poetry, Palin's daughter's baby's daddy, TV shows, robots, the Trojans, aliens, Danny Glover, and other amazing things.

We're a blog (duh) and a magazine (due out in December). We write about cool stuff everyday. And, we also plan to take over your entire fucking world.

So, enjoy our fresh resolve to make your life more entertaining, and we really do value your readership.

Again, welcome to this new writing season, and thanks for paying attention.

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