Keep M690 in mind . . .


Sometimes labels screw bands over . . . and sometimes bands that started in the U.S. get to come back.

While their latest single "Keeping You In Mind" isn't out in the U.S. quite yet (I don't think it will be until later this year>July?> shows then too-see myspace page below), Mighty Six Ninety is definitely worth a listen.

I guess you could say (hear- ha) Morrissey is an influence. But I promise the single is still great (not that Morrissey isn't great, just that too many bands sound like Morrissey right now, this one is one of the better ones). Okay, I went to all their shows last summer and am in love with the drummer.

So embrace these "UK" kids (just the label is British), buy their cool hipster vinyls online, and then go emote with them at Moscow. And remember, the Brits know best when it comes to pop (and indie music) . . .

fun fun fun remix of "keeping you in mind" LISTEN HERE

mightysixninety's myspace

(**DISCLAIMER**I used to actually know all of this information for certain, but I really don't anymore, so depend on myspace release dates, not mine)
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