Electrico @ Senor Charlies

An indie rock band that hails from the tiny island nation of Singapore, sings in English, is well received in its home country, and that will be performing right here in California? And all for 7 bucks?

No way!

Electrico is nothing short of a sensation in Singapore with at least two #1 hits on its local station, and having made history by being the first home-grown band to be nominated for Favorite Singaporean Artist at the 2005 MTV Asia Awards. Singaporeans have been notoriously harsh on their local music talent, often choosing to snub their fellow citizens in favor of bigger names from abroad.

So, if nothing else, I'll be dropping by their gig on Thursday just because I'm so intrigued by their sheer popularity in Singapore. Check back for my review of the event, or find out for yourselves if you can't wait!

March 22, Thursday, 9pm
$7 cover at the door

Senor Charlies Sports Bar & Grill
9803 Santa Fe Springs Road
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
(562) 906-0144

Contact the USC Singapore Students Association for transport arrangements.
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