Ziggy Stardust vs. The Lollipop

Bob: Oh man, I'm soooo wasted!
Dick: Me too! I'm totally shitfaced. And I can’t believe you scored tickets to the Bowie concert.
Bob: Shit! Yeah! This concert fucking rocks!
Dick: Actually I don’t really listen to Bowie. I just know he’s like…important or something.
Bob: Yeah! He did that song “Under Pressure� with Vanilla Ice. That song rocks.
Dick: He did? Wow, he is so talented. I wish I’m as talented as he is. I wanna be up on stage right now, with all the babes throwing their panties at me.
Bob: I know! Hey, maybe there is a way you can be on stage…sorta.
Dick: How so?
Bob: Like, maybe you can run up on stage. And when you do, remember to throw the devil horns, cause then people will know you rock.
Dick: Nah man, I’m way too drunk to run up there.
Bob: Well, why don’t you…I know, why don’t you throw something up on stage. And when people see you doing it, they’ll be like “Wow, Dick is a badass.�
Dick: What a fucking great idea! But what should I throw?
Bob: Uhh, what about your pants?
Dick: No way man, I paid freaking $100 for these at Hollister. They cost an extra $20 cause they have holes at the knees.
Bob: Well then, what do you have?
Dick: Uhh, I got this lollipop in my pocket.
Bob: Perfect!


The Skinny
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