Can I get an Amen

I imagine that personal testimonies to the soul stirring performances of the Arcade Fire must begin and end with believers shouting "Amen". Unfortunately I have never seen these guys live, but due to unknown karma cycles (probably), I have been listening to their latest/not-yet-released album “Neon Bible� for the past couple weeks.

If you were listening to KSCR last night, you would have heard a preview on Tim’s show. I adore this album.

As for upcoming live CA performances--the band is playing Coachella (of course) April 28th, in San Diego two days before on April 26th, and at Berkeley’s Greek Theater June 1st and 2nd.

Here’s the list of tracks, I won’t ruin your listening experience by reviewing this CD now, just go out and buy it. There are some sweet deals online and you will probably spend more money on something much less worthy between now and the time that you read a witty review anyway.

1. Black Mirror

2. Keep the Car Running

3. Neon Bible

4. Intervention

5. Black Wave/Bad Vibrations

6. Ocean of Noise

7. The Well and the Lighthouse

8. (Antichrist Television Blues)

9. Windowsill

10. No Cars Go

11. My Body Is a Cage

number 2 is my favorite song

Pre-order almost anywhere online (I suggest the deluxe edition that comes with two flip books)

FYI: Album title is also the name of a book by the late John Kennedy Toole (author of “A Confederacy of Dunces�) and some film made in 1995 . . . thanks
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