"Who gives a fuck about an 'Oxford Comma?'" We Do.

Vampire Weekend came to the Echo last night and they killed. These witty preps from NY played a great live set, effectively translating their unique sound onto a live stage with a ton of energy. Long live danceable bass lines, airy island guitars, and diverse rhythms. Oh! and that keyboard! The boys got some chops. Did I mention the wonderful lyrics? Hold on, I think I'm drooling.

Indeed, there's a lot of buzz surrounding this band of four Columbia grads - so much that even MTV got an interview with Ezra, Rostam, Christopher, and Chris. The best part about all of this? Vampire Weekend doesn't even release their debut self-titled until January 29th. Granted, their notorious "Blue-CDR" of recorded full length promos was leaked and has been floating around the internet for awhile. But, that's a lot of hype for a band with no official LP. So, why all the buzz?

Answer: Gloriously catchy tunes, excellent live shows, and a fresh sound.

Say all you want about Paul Simon's Graceland, early Talking Heads, and African tribal music/drums. These kids can play fantastically well, and desearve the attention. Here's a video of "Mansard Roof":

Pick of the set: "Oxford Comma." Vampire Weekend is out 1/29/08 on XL.
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