Los Campesinos! (Yes the exclamation point is part of their name)

Some of my favorite concerts are those by new bands who are still truly humble and grateful to their audiences, Los Campesinos!'s show at the Echoplex on Nov. 27 was just that. Their set was short (but not too short), energetic, and...well as fun as you'd expect a band named Los Campesinos! to be. It was really refreshing to see how truly excited they were to play on the West Coast "in Hollywood" as they kept repeating to the audience in between their songs, and it showed in the energy they put into each of their songs. Some songs I'd recommend would be "We throw parties, you throw knives", "Don't tell me to do the math(s)", and "You!Me!Dancing!".

Their opening band was The Most Serene Republic who were excellent despite their slightly creepy lead singer...
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