Incredible Concert Over Winter Break

I never thought I would dislike having almost an entire month off from term papers, exams, useless discussion periods, and extreme amounts of reading. Then, I learned about Concrete Frequency.
Concrete Frequency is a multimedia concert being presented at the Walt Disney Concert Hall this January (all on dates when I will be shivering with cold in the Midwest instead of basking in the glow of incredible music and the golden rays that shine from the Walt Disney Concert Hall). The performance features classical music, film footage of the city, and raw performances from people such as Zooey Deschanel, Sean Lennon, and Daniel Rossen (of the really cool indie band Grizzly Bear). The music in this concert is supposed to be a ripped-down-to-the-core expose of music about the artists' feelings, experiences, and attitudes towards the city. It is in several parts, Concrete Frequency I, II and III, that are spaced out over the first few weekends of January. This concert would be an experience unlike any other- fusing together media, 8mm film, the philharmonic orchestra, incredible composers, and ethereal vocalists. As William Miller in Almost Famous would say, this concert is going to be "incendiary." For real.
So, basically, I need 300 dollars to fly back to Los Angeles for the weekend. and a place to stay. It would be totally worth it.
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