Creepy Trailer for Burton's Sweeney Todd

The long-awaited trailer for the movie version of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street has recently been released online. As many Sondheim-enthused fans, Johnny Depp-lovers and Tim Burton worshipers know, Steven Sondheim's award-winning Broadway musical Sweeney Todd is going to be released as a full-fledged feature film this upcoming Christmas season.
Sweeney Todd is a haunting musical about a demon barber who kills his patients and works with the woman downstairs to turn them into mince meat pies to sell to the citizens of London. As twisted as this plot line is, the musical is all about eerily alluring melodies and blurring the line between horrible and beautiful. Tim Burton is the perfect choice to transform this musical into a feature film, because he has a knack for incredible visual design and finding the human core in the weirdest of people. The seriously qualified and outstanding cast includes Johnny Depp (who worked with Tim Burton on Corpse Bride and Edward Scissorhands), Alan Rickman (known for his portrayal of villains such as in Die Hard and Harry Potter), Sasha Baron Cohen (of recent Borat fame), and Helena Bonham Carter (who often works with Tim Burton and will be familiar to those who have seen Fight Club).

From the awesomely dark trailer, renowned director and cast, this film definitely seems to have a lot going for it. However, there are several risks involved- mainly the musical aspect- as it is rumored that Johnny Depp, as seen in the trailer, speak-sings all of Sweeney's songs. The trailer shows that the publicity for this movie will be as a movie first and a musical second, which is smart. A lot of people would probably be turned off if it were simply a movie-version of the musical. But fans shouldn't be deterred- although Burton will definitely put his own mark on the story, the musical's creepy elegance is sure to be maintained. We just have to hope that the preview is just that- a preview for the awesome movie that is sure to come.
You can check out the trailer for Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street here.
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