Spotlight: Future of the Left

**For the sake of this post, I am including McLusky as a previous form of Future of the Left because of their similar band members and similar stylings. They are not, however, the same band**

I don't know quite what to call Future of the Left, genre-wise. Perhaps FotL is one of the main reasons I really hate categorizing bands. They just don't seem to fit anywhere. They're most notorious for their abrasive, 2-minute, shout-alongs. But then again, my favorite tracks are the 6-minute lullabies which include various "movements" throughout. They were never famous (not even by indie standards) outside of their hometown of Cardiff, Whales but anyone who has heard one of their songs has no doubt been caught by the bizarre vocal delivery of singer/guitarist Andy "Falco" Falkous. Not only is his delivery unique, but his lyrics are also confusing, if not nonsensical. So why does their music appeal to me? Simply put: no one else is doing anything as creative of Future of the Left in the rock vein.

The 3-piece act have recently released their first full-length under a new name Future of the Left after switching bass players and dropping the name McLusky. Superficially the two bands sound almost the same. The back-up vocals are the main difference, obviously. If this is your first time hearing of the band don't shy away from picking up their release, "Curses". However, it would almost be mandatory research for the active music fan to get their hands on all of the McLusky releases plus the 3-disc bootleg/rarity fittingly called McLuskyism.

I won't list my favorite tracks because it is sort of an unwritten rule that every Falco follower must have their own and I don't want you adopting mine. And as far as a live show goes...

... and I guess I'll call them "bar rock".
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