New Jimmy Eat World album Chase This Light out now

Chase This Light, the sixth studio album from toe tap-inducing band Jimmy Eat World is out in stores today. Listeners looking for that great, familiar sound from their previous albums like Futures and Jimmy Eat World (formerly known as Bleed American) will not be disappointed. With the perfect blend of upbeat and mellow songs, Chase This Light preserves the band's feel-good sounds and thought-provoking lyrics that fans expect. This comes as a big (yet refreshing) surprise after their latest release, the 2005 EP Stay on My Side Tonight, which brought a radical change to JEW's typical sound. The track listing is as follows:

Click track titles for previews!

  1. Big Casino - 3:42

  2. Let It Happen - 3:28

  3. Always Be - 3:06

  4. Carry You - 4:24

  5. Electable (Give It Up) - 2:58

  6. Gotta Be Somebody's Blues - 4:48

  7. Feeling Lucky - 2:35

  8. Here It Goes - 3:26

  9. Chase This Light - 3:29

  10. Firefight - 3:53

  11. Dizzy - 4:56

Big Casino, released as the first single on August 28, is likely to be the album's "big song" (radio play and other mainstream popularity, comparable to their previous single The Middle). This relentlessly upbeat song got me hooked on JEW once again and force me into eager anticipation of the album's full release.

Following this track is Let It Happen with a similar upbeat tune. The chorus features female backup vocals and the typical JEW style of incorporating sounds in the lyrics, which makes several appearances throughout the album. Always Be, Electable (Give Up), Feeling Lucky, Here It Goes, and Firefight all contain the same buoyant style while still preserving a level of uniqueness with each track through varying lyrics, backup vocals, and instrument usage.

While Carry You Dizzy, and the title track, Chase This Light, provide moderately slower tempos with less guitar than the aforementioned songs, the most unique track on the album is certainly Gotta Be Somebody's Blues. When the album's demo recordings were first leaked on the Internet, this song was purely instrumental. With the official release of the album, however, much was added to the song to make it the excellent track it is now - the slow and soothing vocals, mysterious lyrics, and use of symphonic instruments made it my instant favorite.

Now...stop reading and start listening! If you're a fan of Jimmy Eat World or alternative rock in general, there are no excuses - Chase This Light is a must have.

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