Monkeys, waterfalls, and Packers! OH MY!

Do you have one of those music videos you just wish you never saw? The video for that song you were listening to and just thought, "Hey, I wonder if they made a music video for this... it's pretty good." You then proceeded to look up and watch the video, only to be disturbed by its contents. Don't worry, you're not alone. I, too, had this unfortunate experience lately with the song Do You Right by 311.

The song is fairly relaxing (it's about marijuana - what did you expect?) and I figured it could have a decent music video to go along with it. I'm not sure if I have the proper words to express what I saw after that... an extremely colorful mural, back-up vocalist SA Martinez busting some strange moves in fast motion, lead vocalist Nick Hexum shirtless (but in a baggy jacket) sporting a Green Bay Packers cap while awkwardly moving his hands around, waterfalls, rocks, and a few species of monkey zooming by in the background - I'm so confused. This one scene, at exactly 1:24 into the video, contains most of the elements of my confusion:

Now I know this video is from the early 90s, but are we really going to let that be an excuse for this absurdity? All I can say is... witness it for yourself here.

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