New Years Day, Cry Havoc, Reinventing the Wheel

This Wednesday, three of Greater L.A.'s most promising up-and-coming punk bands will converge on Ground Zero for a free concert presented by KSCR. The concert begins at 8:00, with doors opening at 7:30.

The headliner, New Years Day, was just added Monday, a day after original headliner Orange cancelled due to illness. Hailing from Orange County, New Years Day is the latest project of Adam Lohrbach, formerly the guitarist for Home Grown. Self-described as "a group of hard rock/metal fans and friends writing pop rock songs," New Years Day plays a devilishly catchy brand of pop punk that goes down smooth and finishes clean.

Cry Havoc, the second band on the bill, is based out of El Monte and has released one album, titled The Outcome of Misery. With a sound that falls somewhere in between Bad Religion and AFI, Cry Havoc delivers a take-no-prisoners live show that will be sure to whip the mosh pit into a frenzy.

Last, but certainly not least, is the hyper-talented Reinventing the Wheel, also based in Orange County. Drawing from a wide range of influences, including ska, punk, and jazz, this young group of musicians has released one EP, The Perpetual Motion Machine. They are currently writing new songs for a full-length effort which should threaten to rewrite genre boundaries as we know them.
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