Morning After at Doughboys

Dough Soup

If you wake up on Saturday morning and find yourself saying that you’ll never drink again, head to Doughboys on 8136 West 3rd Street. There you’ll find salvation in the form of some good, hearty breakfast.

The menu is packed with mouth watering plates that beg you to indulge yourself such as the Stuffed French Toast ($8.25) which has two long slices of bread filled with cream cheese (who would’ve thought???) and strawberry jam all clipped in egg batter then grilled, or the Scrapple with Dirty Eggs ($8.75) that has the most amazing pan-fried grits. They mix the grits with braised pork making this patty of healthy eating (right) worthy of being microwave leftovers.

There’s much more on their menu but for the hungover, there’s really no point in going through everything. Best to stick to the easy and dependable, the Doughboys Breakfast ($8) which includes a cup of much needed coffee, glass of OJ (for that health of yours you care about so much) and your choice of a made-that-morning muffin, scone or croissant.

Perhaps the only downside of Doughboys is the wait. A popular spot since its 1992 opening, Doughboys might as well institute a Disneyland FastPass system to help control its lines. My suggestion is to call them and ask them to put your name down for an inside table the moment you can roll over to your night stand and dial. By the time you pull yourself from your bed, and bathroom, find a parking spot and make your way through the zoo of people waiting, your table should be ready.

Suggested music for when you almost face-plant into your eggs:
Oliver Future
Modest Mouse
Bloc Party


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