coulours are brighter
Rough Trade -- the label to go to for indie in the UK since 1976 -- has done something unexpected and bizarre: they've created a compilation record "for children and grown ups too." But it's obvious that Colours Are Brighter was made as a compromise between kids and their parents: lyrically and songcraft-wise, this is definitely an album for kids ... but Four Tet?! Franz Ferdinand!? the Flaming Lips!? Certainly not another Raffi LP.
Which is good.
A few tracks stand out in particular to me here ... Four Tet's "Go Go Ninja Dinosaur" is actually one of this danciest tunes, and it features one of my favorite samples ("Hey, Ninja D!/Let's find the Boogie Beat!") I also really like Franz Ferdinand's "Jackie Jackson" which, while a little lyrically dense for toddlers, has that classic Franz Ferdinand feel. Oh, and I dig the goofy little piano ditty there. I guess this song will have to hold us fans over until their next release ... (is that not sort of sad, though?)
Franz Ferdinand - Jackie Jackson
Four Tet - Go Go Ninja Dinosaur
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