Morning After at T on Fairfax

It’s there when you wake up, hungover from the happy hour turn drinking marathon from the night before. It’s there when you realize that there is a guy sleeping next to you and that the reason why he’s there is probably best figured out over some logic inducing, secret revealing grease food with the girls. It’s brunch in the City of Angels. In this series, I’m going to take you on a journey across this massive concrete jungle, looking for the best “Morning After.�

One of the newest additions to the LA brunch scene, T on Fairfax is a lovely delight just down the street from Canters (one of the few 24 hours joints) and across from Largo (where Jon Brion likes to perform while you eat) and the Dime (also known as the place where Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan like to thrown down the best “I hate you for no reason stares�).

A small outside patio filled by screenwriters, students and moms with strollers, guards the front entrance. The minimal effects of a bland exterior design, large glass door, makes this a place to detox and enjoy yourself or your company. Small tables lined both sides of the large room. The tall ceiling allows for the sense of calm and the soft white walls also increase the size of the room. Complementing the green plaid cushions are dark brown wooden chairs, each with customized carvings of ivy like designs. It's calming, which really helps when you're in the middle of figuring out whether or not your one night stand is going to turn into a second. There’s ample seating for your party of four and then some, but take note: find a seat first, then go up to the counter to order.

The menu lists over 100 black, oolong, pu-erh (a Chinese tea that comes in “bricks�), green, white and herbal teas. And for the people who know nothing about tea except that it’s what grandma drinks, there’s a short explanation under each section in the menu explaining the differences as well as a brief description of each tea flavor. Of course, if reading is too much trouble, asking the nice lady behind the counter will do just fine as well.

In addition to their teas, the menu also offers sandwiches, salads, other beverages (coffee too) and desserts. Most of the items on the menu are organic and use ingredients like “artisan breads� but the fancy descriptions don’t dent the prices. The average plate is about $8 which includes the sandwich and your choice of a side salad served on a large, white square plate.

Overall, the experience at T on Fairfax is a pleasant one. With the calm atmosphere and a nice plate of food with a pot of strong, invigorating tea to bring you out of the dehydration and disorientation, T on Fairfax is a good place to discuss everything you missed from the night before.

And just in case you’re still trying to find an excuse not to go, you know that that guy you woke up with, probably won’t follow you there.

Artists to bring in case your friends are still sleeping off their hangover:
Ray LaMontagne
Lily Allen
Serge Gainsbourg
Nick Drake
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