Ass-Beatin' Oldies

Yo La Tengo's recent LP I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass has been a mainstay of my record player for weeks now and remains as engaging as ever. But noticeably lacking from the LP are their infamous cover songs. Since the beginning, Yo La Tengo has taken an interest in making obscure and unexpected rock/pop songs their own. A highlight of their first album Ride the Tiger was an amazing cover of The Kinks' "Big Sky" and since then some notable covers have included John Cale's "Andalucia", The Beach Boys' "Little Honda" and a doo-wop version of Harry Wayne "K.C." Casey's "You Can Have It All" to name a few favorites.

So for those of you feeling a snobby-rock-cover void like I am, here's a cool video of Ira and Georgia circa-1988 covering "Everyday" by Buddy Holly and "Teenager in Love" by Dion & the Belmonts.

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