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Pre-Festival Coverage: 5 Acts to See at FYF This Year

FYF 2017 has such a diverse and exciting lineup. Be sure to check back for staff reviews over the weekend!

Tune in to the 800th Broadcast of The Bear’s Den!

KXSC DJ Barry Levine is airing the 800th episode of The Bear's Den this Tuesday! Read up on the history of his show before you tune in. 

"It’s a huge Las Vegas pool party with a less serious Spring Breaker attitude." Our DJ, Caroline, had an incredible time at Splash House this past weekend.

"Not only are Williams, Stephen Pope, and the rotating cast of Wavves all incredible live artists, but you just haven’t truly heard 'Demon to Lean On' until you’re drenched in sweat while a crusty Echo Park punk is screaming it in your ear."

"The Indiana boys were on top of their game and I don’t mean basketball; Hoops is the jam band of my dream pop dreams." Check out our DJ Whitney's review of the incredible Hoops show at the Echo!