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Want To Get Involved With Your Student Radio?

How do you become an intern for KXSC? Just sign up for the email and you’ve done it! The intern process works in two parts: 10 hours in station, and 12 hours in studio!

Part I: In Station

We’ve come up with a checklist of things you need to do in those ten hours that make it all the more fun:

1. Listening! Help out our music department by listening to the great CDs so we can find new music!
2. Reviewing shows and new CDs!
3. Go to a show we put on! And while you’re there, help us set/clean up!
4. Help us get the word out either by flyering (keep an eye out for tabling events!).
5. Help out a staff member! Get to know our staff and maybe find a passion in the station!
When the 10 hours are up, you can move on to become a DJ intern!

Part II: In Studio

Once you’ve been set up with a DJ to shadow, you have to spend 12 hours in the studio with them getting the hang of all the equipment and getting comfortable on air. Then you take your DJ test to show your mad skills!
Then boom! You can start your own show and maybe even join our awesome staff.

No previous radio experience is necessary at all!

You can do this process at your own pace! You can get it done in a month or even start the last few weeks of the semester.

Just come down to the station any weekday during the academic year between 9am and 5pm!


Email Ryan at for questions on in station time or Arielle at for questions about DJ Shadowing!

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